Very simple. It is enough to be exposed to the emotional sphere.

The reasons for using the castle are ALWAYS psychological:

Reluctance to admit the incorrectness of your forecast (maybe it will not go up now, but later)

The desire to “outwit” the market, which supposedly tries to outwit the trader (suddenly it touches the stop, and then it goes where necessary)

Irrational greed (this is when a trader locks a loss-making purchase by selling, hoping to close at least one of these transactions into profit because this Forex is already tired)

All these reasons are united by the feeling that the trader “does not know enough to properly predict the market.” Until this feeling is replaced by the feeling of the impossibility of such a prediction, each loss will be perceived by the trader as confirmation of his stupidity. It is treated only with a lot of practice, alas and ah.

How to avoid the influence of these psychological causes on your trading? With the help of the theory – no way 🙂 I can give hundreds of trillions of logical explanations of why not admitting being wrong in trading is harmful. And why it makes no sense to try to outwit the market. And also why further price behavior cannot be predicted. But even after reading this all and even agreeing with this, the trader will still perform these absurd (even in his opinion) actions. Why? Because he was not convinced. Because “what if I can no matter what.” Again, I do not blame anyone – this is a normal part of the process of becoming a trader.

So here. To stop doing absurd actions that lead to the use of the castle and further sad questions in the spirit of “how to get out of the castle, help”, the trader needs to do them so many times that he sees and draws an independent conclusion – yes, this does not work.

Again, why so? Because we trust only ourselves, and other people in their judgments may be wrong. How to distinguish in advance who is wrong and who is not? No way. You can only distinguish by trying it yourself. Alas and ah number 2.

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