Let’s talk about the acclaimed concept of “castle” (with emphasis on the last syllable), the entry and exit from it, as well as how a trader is deceiving himself.


There is a belief that a professional trader knows more about price movement than the average person. Well, it’s understandable – everyone saw beautiful advertising pictures with a man in a jacket sitting in front of the monitors with some indicators there and looking for something on them. And the less clear the purpose of these indicators is, the better – so that the beholder can realize his “intellectual baseness”. It makes a serious impression, I agree. Well, for the sake of example:

It is interesting that they see such useful things there, and what does the gray-haired man show on the monitor?

It begins to seem that here he is, the ideal trader. This is what you will become in the future. You’ll also look at something there, and it’s just IT type that will tell you where the price will go … But figs there! 🙂

So, closer to the point.

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